Packaging Ideas

Paper bag is ecological, nature friendly, recyclable, compostable, good value for the money, traditional, trendy, in time and helps to keep the product characteristics in tact. It also offers a great space for advertisements. In other words it is full of possibilities!

Paper bag is a traditional package for products of nature - for example bread and flour - but thanks to its versatility the possibilities for paper bags are wide-range. New materials, novel paper bag structures and distinctive window forms give our paper bags a unique value. Array of different possibilities enable our customers to pack novel products in paper bags.

High-quality flexoprinting up to 8 colours offers exclusive prints and the product will stand out brilliant. Newest materials enable broaden the variety of products which can be packed in paper bag, whether greasy doughnuts or sports nutrition concentrates or luxury items like jewelry and gifts - not forgetting cosmetics, post cards, and books.

PAPER BAG is stylish, timeless, valuable and easy-to use package.
Is it already your package?

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