Packaging Solutions

Thanks to our continuing product development, we can offer our clients the freshest and most advantageous solutions, materials and possibilities: paper bags with different window forms, state-of-the-art 3D paper bags and material combinations that give unique value to the product and impact on the shelf.

We help our customers in finding the right materials, structures and printing designs. This ensures that our customers have the best packages available. Our product development continuously finds new solutions and creates new possibilities for paper bags.

Innovative solutions together with our in-depth knowledge of materials and longstanding co-operation with our suppliers and business partners ensure the best materials and solutions for our customers. Priority is also to give assistance to our customers in finding and creating the right package.

Our advanced solutions and know-how have enabled traditional products to be packed in innovative ways, and also novel products have found their way in to a paper bag package. Increasingly paper bag has shown to be cost efficient as well as luxurious package for the product.

We strive to create innovations and help our customers to find new possibilities in paper bags. We are committed to developing superior products and meeting the high standards and expectations of our customers as well as creating new and best solutions for the future packaging needs.

Paper bags are full of possibilities!

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