Square bottom bags, printed


Different storage-quality bread and confectionery bags with and without window. Unprinted flat-bottomed bags and standard bags are also available from Leipurin Plc and Metro and Heinon Tukku wholesales around Finland. We ship paper bags directly from the factory with a minimum order size of 3,000 pieces. The shipment can include different types of bags.

Square bottom bags, printed
Picture Nro Product Measures
Material Pack size
5873 Liisa-tasapohjapussi, mini 245*120*70/70 valkoinen voimapaperi 250
5875 Liisa-tasapohjapussi, maxi 310*230*140/140 valkoinen voimapaperi 100
6117 Lastenpussi 285*180*100/100 valkoinen voimapaperi 250
305 Iso tähkä -tasapohjapussi osaikkunalla 265*180*100/100 valkoinen ldpe-pinnoitettu voimapaperi 250
8111 HeVi-tasapohjapussi, maxi 380*230*140/140 valkoinen voimapaperi 200