The 1990s

Peltolan Pussi Oy. is the first industrial SMB to certify the ISO 9001 quality management system. Unstable plastic markets and increased environmental awareness give rise to a shared vision for the future, and the company stops producing plastic products. The company goes back to its roots and core area of expertise: making paper bags. Investments in product development open the door for exporting. New machines enable the production of high-quality paper bags with windows, which are highly graded on an international level.

The second coming of the paper bag is being touted at European fairs and expos. Production manager Kari Hurme’s open-minded way of using paper bags in his art charms people and gives a face to the company. Liisa’s son Ville Järvenpää begins working at the company. He represents the family’s third generation and brings with him his excitement and new perspectives.